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Lighter-than-Air technology.

The Limitations of Modern Transportation

This paper is a brief discussion on the limitations of our current modes of transportation and the advantages of Lighter-than-Air technology.

The most complete and up to date information on all things pertaining to
Lighter-than-Air technology.

The Airships Heritage Trust

Inside you will find an extensive history relating to all of the British Airships from 1900 to the present day.

Modern Airships - Part 1 - 3

For more than two decades, there has been significant interest in the use of modern lighter-than-air craft and hybrid airships in a variety of military, commercial and other roles, including:

Lighter-than-Air Society

The Lighter-Than-Air Society is your source for information pertaining to blimps, airships, dirigibles, zeppelins, aerostats, and various balloons.

Airship Problems & Solutions

The five mostly commonly voiced statements/questions and their typical subs

Airship World Blog

Next Generation Rigid Airship Design from Eric Raymond

Airship Spec Table

Specs on many of the early airships.

Navy Lakehurst Historical Society

Navy Lakehurst Historical Society, Inc is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the distinguished heritage of Naval Air Station Lakehurst, located in Lakehurst, New Jersey, USA.

Faces of the Hindenburg

The passengers of the last flight.

Feasibility Study of Modern Airships

NASA feasibility study on a modern airship.

Hindenburg Detailed Drawings

Detailed drawing of LZ-129

The Most Astounding Airships

In our dreams, the skies belong to airships and zeppelins...

Graf Zeppelin II Detailed Drawings

Detailed drawing of LZ-130

First Airship Shot Down in WWI

Account of the first Zeppelin shot down during the war.

Flights of the Schwaben

The flights of the world's first commercial airline.

Harold G. Dick Collection

The Harold G. Dick Airships Collection tells the story of Harold Dick's involvement in the rigid airship industry.

T. L. Blakemore Collection

T. L. Blakemore's Lighter-than-Air Collection

George Henry Mills Collection

The Harold G. Dick Airships Collection tells the story of Harold Dick's involvement in the rigid airship industry.

Vice Admiral Rosendahl Collection

He held the rank of a Lieutenant Commander on navigation watch when the Shenandoah crashed because of a storm near Ava, Ohio in September 1925.

Garland Fulton Collection

The Garland Fulton Collection consists of material gathered by Captain Garland Fulton, USN (1890-1975), naval officer and proponent of lighter than air (LTA) flight.

Richard K. Smith Papers - Collection

In the meantime, his first book was published in 1965 and was titled The Airships Akron and Macon: Flying Aircraft Carriers of the U. S. Navy.

Lord Ventry Airship Collection

Following the death of Lord Ventry [The Hon A.F. DeMoleyns] (1898-1987) the Society’s Library received a large quantity of material (including many hundreds of photographs) recording the development of airships over the years.

Hindenburg LZ-129 Detailed Drawings

Detailed construction drawings of the Hindenburg.

Graf Zeppelin II Detailed Drawings

Detailed construction drawings of the Graf Zeppelin II.

GAO Official Report

GAO report on US Governement spending on LTA 2007 - 2012.