The Earth's atmosphere, a vast ocean of air.

At more than 300 miles deep, it’s a virtually unused medium,
providing unobstructed, direct access from anywhere to everywhere.

Lighter-than-Air technology can fully utilize this free transportation infrastructure,
providing the entrepreneurs and consumers of the world greater access to the
global marketplace.

Thus enhancing the bidirectional flow of goods and services,
and intensifying the growth of the world’s economies.

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A constant in the universe, gravity is also a reliable source of renewable energy.

The 4 laws of LTA reveal the fundamental truths about the technology.

Realizing the potential of Lighter-than-Air technology,
the US Government has invested more than $1.4 billion in an attempt to decrease its overall transportation costs.

Direct Access
from anywhere to everywhere

With the capability to bring products to the global market more economically,
LTA will aid in the economic growth of the 140 developing countries of the world while simultaneously providing their population of 6.4 billion
with greater access to goods and services.

Direct path access teamed with flexible cargo capability
provides Lighter-than-Air technology with unlimited market potential.

Lighter-than-Air technology will outperform all other forms of transportation.

Lighter-than-Air technology can fill the logistical gap between fixed-wing
and shipping by vessel.

Lighter-than-Air technology is as sought after today as it was in the 1930’s!

Future growth in the shipping industry will be exponential!

Air and tare play a key role in the cost of shipping.

Achieving goals increases return on investment.

LTA will offer support services for this developing technology.

LTA will enhance the capability of this maturing technology.

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