The Earth's atmosphere, a vast ocean of air.

At more than 300 miles deep, it’s a virtually unused medium providing unobstructed, direct access from anywhere to everywhere.

Lighter-than-Air technology can fully utilize this atmospheric ocean, while providing the remote entrepreneur and consumer greater access to the
global marketplace.

By enhancing the bidirectional flow of goods and services, LTA will aid the growth of the world’s developing economies.

Taxpayer Funded LTA Projects

Realizing the potential of Lighter-than-Air technology, the US Military has invested more than $1.4 billion in an attempt to decrease its overall transportation costs.

Dragon dream

Aeroscraft's Dragon Dream is a fully-rigid, hybrid airship design.

Airlander 10

HAV's Airlander 10 is a semi-rigid, hybrid airship design.


Lockheed Martin's P-791 is a semi-rigid, hybrid airship design.

Direct Access
from anywhere to everywhere

With the capability to bring remote products to the global market more economically, LTA will aid in the growth of the economies of the 140 developing countries of the world, while simultaneously providing their combined populations of 6.4 billion with greater access to more goods and services.

Market Potential

Direct path access teamed with flexible cargo capability
provide Lighter-than-Air technology with unlimited market potential.

Search & Rescue

Aerial Surveillance

Humanitarian Aid

Fire Control

Passenger Transport

Remote Cargo Delivery

Emerging Relevant Technology

Man has always dreamed of the freedom of flight; moving freely through the Earth’s atmosphere, while enjoying true, unobstructed 3-dimensional motion.

Unfortunately for many, owning a personal aircraft has been too cost prohibitive – until now.

Today, Personal Aerial Vehicles (PAVs) and fully electric fixed-wing aircraft are making this dream a reality by significantly reducing ownership costs.

Lighter-than-Air technology will aid in the growth of these two markets by providing support services such as remote charging, maintenance, and retrieval.

Passenger Drones

Greater access, less traffic congestion


Currently more than 5 prototypes in the market

Fully Electric Fixed-Wing

Siemens electric aircraft sets flight records

Pipistrel Alpha

Less maintenance equals lower operating cost