Humanitarian Aid

A $27 billion Global industry

Humanitarian Aid is a worldwide industry that has grown more than 180% since 2007.

Unfortunately, nearly 80% of the resources allocated are consumed by logistics alone.

Lighter-than-Air technology has the potential to change this equation by utilizing direct path access to deliver more for less with a faster response time.

How much was allocated

This chart displays the overall growth of the humanitarian aid industry from 2013 to 2017.

Who gave the most

This chart displays the top donor countries. Note that Turkey was also one of the largest recipients of aid in 2017.

aid distribution by country

This map displays the countries that required aid in 2017.

aid distribution by numbers

The top recipients of aid and how much they received in 2017.

Watch the full presentation

Watch our full-length presentation on how Lighter-than-Air technology will revolutionize the way we do
Humanitarian Aid.

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