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The Graf Zeppelin Expedition

In 1929, the Graf Zeppelin embarked on its audacious around-the-world expedition, where for the first time in history man was transported by air around the world.

"The Hindenburg"

As a 1975 film classic, "The Hindenburg" is as historically accurate as you can get to what it was like to travel aboard the world's greatest airship.

Airships - beginning to Graf Zeppelin

This documentary by the Film Finance Corporation of Australia covers the rigid airship from its beginning to the epic around-the-world trip of the Graf Zeppelin.

Flights of the Graf Zeppelin

Many of the historical flights of the world's most successful airship.

ZMC 2 - The alcald airship

A short documentary on the test flight of the ZMC2.

The History of the Rigid Airship

This Periscope Film documentary from the late 1930's, covers the beginnings of the rigid airship, her design and future potential.

Zeppelin Terror Attack

This Nova documentary covers a period in history known to few people, the era when great airships brought terror to human populations and were feared to be invincible.

The Akron Airship Fin Accident

A foretelling incident caught on film exposes the weakness in the Akron's tail design, which would ultimately lead to her demise.

Contemporary Prototypes


The History Channel's full length documentary on the design, build, and test flight of Aeroscraft's Dragon Dream.

Navy's Interest in Airships

General Fraser of the US Navy testifies before congressional committee concerning the Navy's interest in Lighter-then-Air technology and the hybrid airship design.

Aeroscraft Dragon Dream

Specs and additional information.

Airlander 10

BBC documentary on Airlander's first flight.

Airlander 10 Retired

A news brief on HAV's decision to retire the Airlander hybrid design.

Airlander 10

Specs and additional information.

Lockheed Martin's P791

An introduction to Lockheed Martin's P791 hybrid design.

Lockheed Martin's P791

The future capabilities of the P791.

Lockheed Martin's P791

Specs and additional information.

Emerging Relevant Technologies

Fully Electric Fixed-Wing
Pipistrel Alpha
personal aerial vehicle
Passenger Drone

Advanced Concepts

Missile Defense System


Buoyancy & Archimedes Principle

Buoyancy & Flight - 9 Part Series

Sleeping Pods / Capsules