Search & Rescue

It's time to reinvent

As the World’s population continues to expand and more people are on the move in search of a better life or some weekend adventure, the number of search and rescue missions will inevitably increase as they find themselves at odds with the elements of nature.

Lighter-than-Air technology will reinvent SAR as it has the capacity to remain on station longer than any other aircraft, plus larger payload and longer range capability.

Can you find me?

In 2017, there were nearly 3,000 search and rescue missions in the US alone,
costing taxpayers over $3 million.
That same year, the US Coast Guard conducted more than 16,000 SAR missions.

LTA will revolutionize SAR

Lighter-than-Air technology will revolutionize search and rescue operations by improving capability, accuracy, and level of success while simultaneously reducing cost.

Today’s aerial SAR (Search and Rescue) operation is restricted by 3 elements:

  • Weather
  • Fuel capacity
  • Crew longevity

Modern aircraft often consume large quantities of fuel traveling to and from the SAR AO (Area of Operation). In many cases, there is only enough fuel for 10 minutes of search and rescue operations before being forced to return for refueling.

Additionally, research has shown that the ability to spot a target greatly diminishes after just 10 minutes of intense searching, as the crew loses their ability to focus due to fatigue.

In contrast, LTA can remain on station for a longer duration as it doesn’t require fuel or motion to maintain altitude.

Accuracy is also improved as LTA is a more stable platform capable of greater payloads. Use of the latest ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) technology coupled with on station crew rotation, provide LTA with a greater advantage.

Increased accuracy coupled with improved longevity will scale success while simultaneously decreasing overall mission duration and operational costs.

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