Passenger Service

"An Exhilarating Experience"

Too large or tall for coach seating aboard a commercial airliner, but don’t want to spring for a first-class ticket?

Are you afraid of flying or suffer from air or motion sickness?

Do you get claustrophobic when confined to a 3 by 6 space for long durations?

Lighter-than-Air technology offers a solution to all of these maladies and more by providing unparalleled accommodations for all types and sizes of air traveler.

Passenger Experiences

Flying aboard an airship was considered one of the most luxurious forms of travel.

The spacious accommodations, stable flight, and view from above made it an experience unrivaled by any other form of transportation.

The Full Length Movie

For your enjoyment, we include the full-length version of the 1975 film ‘The Hindenburg’, starring George C. Scott and Anne Bancroft.

It not only exemplifies the luxury of airship travel, but is also historically accurate with respect to the day to day flight operations aboard the great airship.