Our Mission

Voyager Global’s overarching mission
is to enhance the expansion of the global economy by providing a more capable
and efficient transportation solution, better connecting the entrepreneur and consumer
to the global marketplace.

The global economy is expanding, but its growth is hindered by the high cost of ground infrastructure,
which has been the traditional means of transporting raw materials and finished goods between manufacturer and end user.

The Earth’s atmosphere is a free and boundless transportation infrastructure with unlimited access to all geographic locations.

Lighter-than-Air technology (LTA) will utilize this free infrastructure to transport raw materials, finished goods,
and passengers to any destination far more economically than any current mode of transportation,
and without the restricting boundaries of land or sea.

Global Economic Growth in 2019

World Seaborne Trade in Cargo Ton-Miles by Cargo Type

Future Economic Growth Potential

This map displays the Human Development Index,
which was developed by the United Nations for ranking the 196 countries of the world.
Tier 1 countries like the US (shown in dark blue) only account for 16% of the global population of 7.6 billion people.
That leaves 84% or 6.4 billion people aspiring for the lifestyle and economic opportunities that we here in the US
take for granted each day.