LTA’s inherent efficiency advantages
are as fundamental as the laws of physics and,
once realized, will transform the transportation industry as we know it today.

The 4 Laws of LTA

The Benefits of Buoyancy are Universal

The benefits of buoyancy enjoyed by the cargo industry while shipping millions of tons of cargo around the world on ocean-going vessels are just as applicable to Lighter-than-Air technology and its use of the world’s largest ocean, the Earth’s atmosphere.

Direct Path Access

  • The shortest path between two points equals the conservation of fuel and time.
  • Because LTA utilizes the earth’s atmosphere as its free and open transportation infrastructure, there are no size or weight limitations, no speed limitations, no intersections, and no traffic congestion.
  • LTA enjoys nonstop direct access from any geographic location to any destination.
  • No other transportation technology shares these advantages.

Weightless Cargo

  • Buoyancy counters the effects of gravity rendering the payload virtually weightless.
  • All current forms of transportation must consume fuel and time in their struggle with gravity on the grade or slope.
  • For more details, see our video presentations “Weightless Cargo” and “Fighting the Grade” on the “Pitch Deck” page of this website.

A Proven and Viable Technology

  • The Germans successfully used their Lighter-than-Air technology for 40 years in the early 1900’s.
  • The first passengers and cargo to travel by air across continents, oceans, and around the world did so aboard a German Zeppelin – a full 20 years ahead of fixed-wing aircraft.
  • All these feats were accomplished using 1920s diesel engine technology, fixed-pitch wooden propellers, and the flammable lift gas hydrogen.
  • Imagine LTA’s conquests today after taking advantage of our modern 3D design, superior build materials, advanced manufacturing, and nonflammable lift gas helium.
  • For more details, see our video presentation “Passenger Flight Operations” on the “Pitch Deck” page of this website.
  • We also recommend the full-length movie “The Hindenburg,” which is historically accurate with respect to the passenger experiences aboard the world’s greatest airship and is also available on the “Pitch Deck” page of this website.